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Thargoid Shield - VFX Concept

Unused Thargoid shield VFX I designed for the Interceptor ship.

I love working on VFX concepts so I was quite excited when, a couple of years back, as we introduced the Thargoids as new enemies in Elite : Dangerous, we looked at what could their shield look like when hit during a fight.

Those were my explorations : with the third variant, we had in mind that you would need a continuous fire to damage the Thargoid as it would rejuvenate afterward if not enough damages had been dealt!
Since Thargoids ships are "alive" and somehow sharing a lot of similarities with sea creatures : I took inspiration from sea urchins and corals which shell turns white when dead and mixed it with the idea that the shell would melt like hot lava when hit, to then solidify again... then crumble!

(Ship design by Ben Andrews)

Game : Elite Dangerous
Studio : Frontier Developments

Emilie rinna thargoidshield shield v2
Emilie rinna thargoidshield shielda
Emilie rinna thargoidshield shield
Emilie rinna thargoidshield shield v3b